Retaining Walls


Rock and Stone Walls

Rock walls are a great landscaping element in yards and gardens adding a natural warmth that defines space. Stone or rock walls are an update on a garden classic, the wood fence, lending elegance to the slope of a hill or curve of a pathway in your yard. Stone is low maintenance, weather proof and doesn’t require staining.

Block Walls

Block walls can serve multiple purposes, such as, terracing, steps, or additional seating around a BBQ area, fire pit or outdoor kitchen. Block walls can also serve as planters or create other functional space in your yard or garden.

Retaining Walls

Like block walls, retaining walls can serve a number of different purposes from aesthetically enhancing your space to lessening the effects of erosion. You can use materials like concrete block, natural stones, boulders or wood to create more usable space, a more interesting view, planter boxes and more. A retaining wall installation is especially helpful if you have a hilly or inclined yard that needs extra support.

Staircase Installation

Staircases can be used as a more permanent addition to your landscape and serve a particular purpose. Staircases often lead to specific destinations such as a front or back entry, a patio, or a lawn area. When designed correctly a staircase can increase the value and usable space of your home. Staircases are commonly made using concrete blocks, wood and or rock. All types of staircase materials can be used to create a design with flowing curves or right angles. Homeowners who live on inclines, be they step slopes or moderate hills, may wish to consider building outdoor steps or staircases to facilitate mobility and usability in their landscapes.

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Rock Walls

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Retaining Walls