Water Features


Water Features

Water Features are a dynamic way to add movement, sound and interest to your landscape. Water features can add tranquility and ambiance to an outdoor living space. EO Landscaping has developed artistic techniques to build water features that will blend in naturally to your surrounding landscapes.

Water features do not require excess maintenance or need to take up too much space in your landscape. We can evaluate your landscape to help you create a natural, low-maintenance water feature. In general, we like to use all shapes and sizes of natural rocks, such as river rock, to create a natural and organic look to your water feature. A low-maintenance water feature can be obtained by using the proper materials for the job.

There are many types of water features that will add to your landscape. A pondless waterfall, or disappearing waterfall, allows you to enjoy the benefits of a cascading waterfall without the excess maintenance and safety concerns of a large pond.

Recirculating fountains are similar to pondless waterfalls, using recirculated water that is pumped up through a fountain piece, such as a basalt column, urn or boulder.

Ponds can create color and life to any landscape. A pond water feature can create serenity and a sense of peacefulness. Carefully choosing plantings around these water features will greatly add to the beauty and natural affect of a water feature.

Whether you have a small or large space for a water feature within your landscape in Eugene, OR and surrounding areas, there is an element that can be used in order to create that serene, relaxing sensation provided from all types of water features.

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