Irrigation Installations

Keep your lawn and garden healthy and happy with a watering and irrigation system that will maximize efficiency while keeping your yard beautiful.
The type of irrigation that we recommend will largely depend on the types of plants you currently have in your yard, or plants that you plan on adding at a later date.

Native Plants

There is an ongoing movement in Oregon, especially in the Eugene and Springfield areas, to focus on native plants in landscaping. You’ll want to consider our climate, your soil type and soil quality before selecting your native plants. We often suggest a low-flow drip-irrigation system for new plantings with optional manual valve shut-offs or timers to maximize efficiency.

Lawns & Ground Cover

In order to maintain your lawn or delicately flowering ground cover, we evaluate the square footage of your space, as well as its location and proximity to other plants. For example, if you have a large vegetable garden, we might suggest a drip-irrigation system for the garden and an in-ground sprinkler system for the lawn. If you have large planters or containers, accompanied by patio space with a limited lawn, a drip-irrigation system supplemented with a simple hose sprinkler will get the job done.

Irrigation Sprinkler System Layout and Installation by EO Landscaping in Eugene Oregon

Sprinkler Systems

Annuals, Perennials, & Vegetables

Planting a combination of annuals, perennials, and vegetables allows you to have several plants in bloom year round. The space, size, and type of plants will determine what type of irrigation we recommend and install. Sometimes, a simple soaker hose will be sufficient. However, in larger spaces, over-watering can be an issue caused by a soaker hose. We find that drip-emitter lines or individual drip-emitters work well in this case. Drip-emitters are great for planter boxes of roses or individual rose planters, as well.

Shrubs & Trees

When we complete a new planting of shrubs and trees, we take a multi-faceted approach to irrigation, using a combination of soaker hoses, in-ground sprinklers, and drip-emitters. If your trees and shrubs are long established and have well-developed root systems, then we would use the sprinkler system. This plan can vary for different types of trees and shrubs. For example, if you have a row of fruit trees, we may take a different approach.


Proper drainage is crucial to protecting your landscaping investment. Raised beds, container plants, and soil management should all be considered when discussing drainage with your landscape contractor. If you’re putting in a patio as part of your landscaping plan, take into consideration the spots where runoff occurs from your eaves and roof, the slope of the yard, and how precipitation will properly drain from the patio to avoid standing water.


Improper drainage, a change in water pressure, no water flowing at all, uneven watering, etc. are all malfunctions that can occur with your irrigation system. Whether or not we installed your irrigation system originally, we can work with you to identify the problem and complete necessary repairs. Our technicians are prepared to complete common irrigation repairs such as broken sprinkler heads, broken timers, broken PVC pipe, locating leaks and repairing them, wiring malfunctions, control valve problems, and more. We can also assess your current system and update it for optimal efficiency.
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